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Building a framework for biomarker implementation

ctDNA on the road to implementation in The Netherlands

ctDNA testing is a new diagnostic tool that can detect tumor derived DNA fragments in blood. 

ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) can provide important information for personalized cancer treatment. However, despite the existing scientific evidence, ctDNA testing is not yet being used in day-to-day clinical practice. For many biomarkers it is a long road from discovery to application in routine patient care.

The COIN (ctDNA on the road to implementation in The Netherlands) project aims to accelerate exactly that journey. The steps taken along this way will serve as a blueprint to speed up the process of implementation of other new biomarkers in the future.

COIN Consortiummeeting

Twice a year, a COIN Consortium meeting is organized. Anyone in The Netherlands who has a professional involvement in ctDNA is welcome to join these meetings.